Day 140: Colorado Shootings

Click here to read the BBC’s report of the incident.

Today, I’m deeply saddened by what I’ve seen in the news. I simply don’t understand murder – let alone the kind of senseless murder that was committed last night in Colorado. I’m a big fan of the Batman movies – in fact, due to a non-refundable faux-pas of mine I will be missing a worship team social to go and see the latest film in a few hours – but events like today’s shootings makes the film seem terribly insignificant.

I won’t pretend I understand the USA’s fierce protection of their constitution in situations like this – as an unaffiliated outsider it seems fairly clear that the gun laws need to change, but I can whole-heartedly admit that I’m probably making a bold statement that doesn’t take all of the facts into consideration. Irrespective, I really hope that these sorts of events don’t continue…not just in America but throughout the world. I do believe that we can live in a peaceful world in our generation, even if it may not be on the horizon just yet.

This is a sad day.


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