Day 146: When One Door Closes…

Today the subject of conversation is heavily Kerith based – the end of a year for our Academy students and the start of an era for ‘K4’, the new Kerith Community Church shop based in the town centre of Bracknell.

Kerith Academy

I know this is a few days late, but I want to take the time to publicly honour the three girls who worked with the worship team as their Academy assignment. Marija, Kristina and Beth were all fantastic and it’s already distinctly different in the offices without them. To sacrifice a year of your life to serve the church is no easy undertaking but to do it with such humility and diligence speaks volumes for all three of them. I’m very proud of them and miss them in the office already! The door has closed on their Academy years, but I’m so excited to see what God does through them in the years to come!

K4 – Kerith For The Community

Today saw the opening of ‘K4‘ – the Kerith Community Church shop based in the town centre of Bracknell. Though I’m not personally involved with the project, I’m looking forward to seeing it’s impact in the area. Here’s the description of its aims from the Kerith website:

The profits from the sale of goods in K4 will go to help a number of community projects run through Kerith Community Church: Bracknell Foodbank, CAP Bracknell, Kerith Konnections, Crisis Intervention, Hilltop, Deaf Hope and Job Club which aims to provide friendship and support to people in their search for work and in progress towards greater employability.

K4 will give Kerith a presence in the town centre, where we can continue our ethos of serving people well and let people know about what we are up to as a church.

K4 will provide supported volunteer opportunities giving people less able a hope and a future and a way to contribute to society.

K4 will train people up with skills to help with job prospects.

I think this is brilliant. We want to be a church that doesn’t just stand idly by while people are suffering – God has called us to help the poor and to feed the hungry…this is a fantastic way of living that out. I strongly encourage you to get to the shop when you get a chance, who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you like there!

So as one door closes – the end of an Academy year, another one opens – the opening of K4. Tonight I’m off to a meeting about Kerith going to multi-site (20:00 in K2 if you’re interested). I love being a part of a church on the move!!


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