Day 151: The Opposite Of Perks?

There are many, many, many perks to my job. Let’s be real here – I get paid to be a musician. No matter how I frame it, shape it or word it, the truth is that I have the indescribably, incomprehensibly immense privilege of having a job that revolves around music. It’s fantastic. I know plenty of people that would be desperate to do what I get to do for a living. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to pinch myself to remind me that it’s real. I’m very blessed. I get to teach and travel, play in bands and witness God working in the most incredible ways almost every day. I’m so grateful!


…there is one necessary part of my job that I’m not so crazy about.


Today we held a thanksgiving service with a family from Kerith whose 8 month old baby sadly passed away only a few days ago. Suddenly the travelling, the CD recordings and the more frivolous parts of my position are wrenched away and we’re confronted with the stark realities of life and death. Worshipping in great sadness is terribly hard – especially when a life is taken so prematurely, but it’s the only appropriate response for us if we believe that we serve a God that never changes with a  love that never fails. If we truly believe that in all things God works together for the good of those that love him, who have been called according to his purposes (Rom 8:28), then honouring and giving thanks to God is surely all we can do. God is using this situation for good. Our response is two-fold: we can be bitter, or we can be better as a result of this tragedy. Our pastor Simon’s words really spoke to me – I’m seriously praying that God will use this situation to grow us and build our community in ways that far exceed anything we could imagine. Nevertheless, it’s still a sad day.

The only saving grace for me was that every instrumentalist in the band was from the youth bands that I’ve worked with over the last four years. The youngest was twelve whilst the oldest was seventeen – they led with Sarah, one of our adult vocalists exceptionally well and very sensitively. It’s really exciting to be able to play in a band with members who were no older than thirteen when I started working with them and to see them serving people in our church so well. The future of our corporate worship times at Kerith Community Church is in very safe hands indeed with these guys around. What a blessing they were.

If you get the chance, please pray for the family who mourned the loss of their son today – I don’t think it’s right to put their names here without their permission, but God knows who you’re praying for. Pray for provision and blessing in their lives – that God would use this sadness in wonderful, life-changing ways. Above anything else, let’s pray for peace in their lives as we gather as a community around them to support them in this difficult time.

Me with Andy, one of our talented youngsters at Kerith – I’m very proud of them all today for their exceptional attitudes and servant hearts.

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