Day 156: More Like Murray

It’s a pretty lazy Sunday afternoon after a fantastic morning at church and I’m currently watching Andy Murray pull the phenomenal Roger Federer apart.

I’m making a deliberate choice to post this before the match is over as a show of support for Murray. The reality is that whether he wins or loses, he has shown exceptional tenacity to even be in this position. Having consistently failed to make it all the way at Wimbledon, the Scot seems to be in the zone and with the Olympics on our home turf, there’s no better time to be there.

If you get the chance to watch some of the match, follow the story or read more about Murray, do it. The the kind of example of¬†perseverance and dedication that he’s setting is the kind that that I want to show in my life. In fact, every single British athlete in this Olympic competition has so far done our nations proud. I wish we’d see more examples like this in the news every day, it would do great things for our world in the long run I think.

If Murray loses, nothing I’ve said loses its value – but I really hope he wins!! Come on Murray!


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