Day 160: Fish-Tanked

‘Big Fish’ is one of my favourite films of all time. I watched it again a few nights ago and fell in love with it all over again – in particular with a fact about goldfish that I’d somehow missed in previous viewings. According to the film (and subsequent ‘google’ checks), goldfish can only grow as big as their tank allows. The bigger the tank, the bigger the fish will grow. What an interesting concept…

In 2005, I started working in one of my first ever part-time jobs at a British supermarket called ‘Waitrose’. My job was simple:

1. Take the stock from the warehouse and fill the shelves

2. Make sure the shelves look tidy.

To tell you that it was highly stimulating would probably be a step too far. However, they paid me very well for what I was doing and as a student, I couldn’t possibly refuse it. What I couldn’t cope with was the lack of opportunity to grow. I was like a goldfish in a tiny tank. Waitrose are a fantastic employer and I mean no disrespect to them whatsoever, but in my part-time capacity there was absolutely nothing to push me and help me grow. As a result, it was arduous and at times, punishing. For a little under four years I swam in circles in my part-time goldfish bowl, longing for the day when I could find a bigger tank until I was offered the opportunity to work for Kerith Community Church full time.

For me at least, Kerith Community Church is totally different. I get to tackle problems, work on something new or different almost every day and most importantly, push myself to be better in everything I do. Comparatively, it’s the equivalent of an entire ocean! Consequently, I have grown unimaginably since I joined the team. I love that I still have so much space to grow into.

What does your tank look like?

Do you have enough space to grow into? Perhaps you’ve reached a limit and it’s time for a new tank or conversely, you might have done all the growing that you were meant to and you feel like the tank you’re in is just too large for comfort? Something to ponder…


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