Day 163: An Olympic Remedy

The 2012 Olympics have been fantastic.

After watching Mo Farah and Tom Daley in last night’s events, I am only more convinced that the legacy of the Olympics in London could be monumental – if we allow it. There are so many ‘role models’ in the world that promote messages like:

– appearance is crucial

– fame for its own sake is the ultimate aspiration

– money is everything


This is something I really struggle with. Coupled with the ‘doom and gloom’ news industries, it can make for quite a depressing world to live in. I feel the Olympics is the perfect remedy for all of this shallowness and negativity. The overwhelming message of the Olympics for me has been:

– hard work = results

– fame is best when it’s a by-product of inspirational success


I really hope that we carry on honouring these hard working, inspirational British heroes. Apologies to my non-British followers, but I want to highlight some of the phenomenal British athletes that made the Olympics so inspiring for me this year. What a group of incredible individuals – long may they stay at the forefront of the British role-model culture! Anything to take the attention away from the likes of ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘, ‘Geordie Shore‘ and Katie Price (just my opinion!):

Mo Farah

Andy Murray

Tom Daley

Jessica Ennis

Chris Hoy

Bradley Wiggins

Ben Ainslie

We salute you!!

Oh, and I know it’s not quite the same, but below is a picture of me in front of the winter Olympic rings in Whistler, Canada from January 2012. It was vaguely relevant!


2 thoughts on “Day 163: An Olympic Remedy

  1. Which is all fine is you ignore the sponsorship deals cut by those named, their happiness at giving their name over for a price, and of course overlooking the fact that many of the medalists have come from privileged backgrounds (Farah being an obvious exception) which allowed for the opportunity to carve a path in sports to begin with…if you look past those things, then sure, role models galore.

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