Day 167: Questions Answered

Thank you so much for all of your questions, I’ve picked four particularly good ones that I’ve answered below. I hope you find them interesting!

I seem to think you are a twin?? and they arent Christian??…..wondering how your faith /serving full time in ministry etc affects your family relationships??

Yes, I’m a twin. My twin brother’s name is Daniel and he’s not a Christian – it’s strange, we look very alike but our personalities have always been very different so really, having differing beliefs doesn’t really make a difference!

As for serving in full-time ministry, my parents were a little apprehensive at first as it was only three weeks or so from becoming a Christian to volunteering at church and I was volunteering for two years before I became fully salaried. Their concern was more about serving in ministry as a ‘career option’ which is totally understandable. When it came down to it, my parents have always been brilliant about it and are happy that I’m happy, regardless of what that means!

The only thing I’d say is occasionally it can be difficult simply because we’d handle certain situations very differently, so sometimes it’s difficult to discuss any problems I have at church or with relationships. That’s rare though.

So, what happens after post 365? Do you have another challenge for next year?

I can be quite undisciplined at times, which is why I like doing challenges like the Bible in 90 days or these blog posts. I have to be honest, I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do next year, but it will no doubt be something that helps force me to be a bit more disciplined than I am! Maybe I’ll work up towards a marathon, try and read a certain number of books in a year or do another Bible reading challenge. Who knows?! I might just keep blogging but less regularly.

What made you decide to write a blog post every day for a year?

As I said in the last post, I can be quite undisciplined. One of the things I’m particularly bad at is spending time processing what happens in my day. I tend to keep my head down and push through busy days and weeks without learning from my actions or noticing how God is moving in my life. I lack the discipline to journal privately because there’s no one to hold me accountable to it, so by blogging every day, it provides the incentive to keep going as it’s very public if I forget!

Some posts are significantly shorter than the others – is it difficult to write a post every day?

YES! You want every post to be the best it could possibly be, but the reality is that sometimes my days are utterly uneventful and consequently, I have very little to write about. Conversely, there are some days that are so busy that I don’t have the time to write anything of significance. Many of my blog posts are written to a time limit on my lunch break which is a challenge in itself! Apologies for any of the short posts, I try my best to make sure that in general the posts are as interesting as possible!


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