Day 168: The Crash

I’d never seen a crash before.

It was Tuesday evening and I was heading home, using every hidden shortcut I could find to avoid the road-work induced traffic. It worked for a while, but I soon found myself caught in the frustratingly slow procession of cars with everyone else – brought to a halt by one particular junction. Slowly, I watched the cars ahead of me disappear. Two cars to go. The car that edged forward was a black sports car, ushered forwards by another gracious driver. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist that was utilising his vehicles size to navigate the traffic at speed hadn’t seen the gesture. Unfortunately, the black sports car hadn’t seen the motorcyclist either.

As the car pulled out, its bonnet caught the side of the bike, causing it to jerk violently, throwing its driver to the concrete floor. The noise of the crash was as horrifying as it was to view it. Everyone stopped, save for a few people who jumped out of their cars. I opened the door and planted a foot on the floor before questioning my actions – with no training or knowledge of first aid, what use would I be? Someone was already calling 999, so my foot remained planted to the ground with the door half open, should I be needed. In truth, I had no idea what to do – all that I could feel at the time was a gnawing in the pit of my stomach. I hoped he was ok. Suddenly, the traffic didn’t seem like such a big deal.

It felt like time had stopped. The cars had ground to a halt completely and we all watched with anticipation as a more knowledgeable few gathered around the motorcyclist who was laying completely still on the floor, hoping that there would be some movement. One man removed his helmet and momentarily, the man’s arm twitched ever-so-slightly. Within a few more moments, there was a larger movement of the arm, followed by his efforts to sit up. With the assistance of the few around him, the motorcyclist sat up – he was ok. It was almost as if everyone within view breathed a collective sigh of relief and the traffic continued almost as it had before.

Moments like that truly remind you of the fragility of human life. Thankfully, the man I’m talking about was ok; although he was obviously injured. As a community at Kerith, we suffered from the loss of a wonderful girl called Annie who died in a car crash at only 19 – making moments like that all the more terrifying. Accidents of this nature seem all too far away until it happens close to home. Suddenly it becomes painfully real and the reminder that we are not invincible hits us. I’m so grateful that God is in control! I don’t know what He has planned for my life but I know that whatever happens to me, I want to know that my relationship with God is right first. That’s far, far easier said than done, I know. But I will never know what waits for me just around the corner. I just pray that every step will be with God by my side.


One thought on “Day 168: The Crash

  1. We (I) tend to forget God is in control… Your post reminded me. I was that rider down several years ago. I am so thankful for the knowledgeable people who stopped and cared for me. They were God sent. One called a few days later to see how I was doing. Thanks for the post…

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