Day 170: The Unlikely Reunion (Dan Boyles)

Today was a pretty exciting day. Not only did I get to be a part of the worship team at Kerith Community Church, but I got to be in a band with a friend of mine, Dan Boyles.

It’s not the first time we’ve played in a band together. At school, we were actually in a band called ‘Self Portrait’ along with a guy called Hudson (read about him in ‘My Testimony’) and someone else. We recorded a (terrible) CD together but had some serious fun before breaking up in 2004 to ‘pursue other projects’ (at 15, how pretentious). Here are some pictures of Dan and I playing together ‘back in the day’:

2nd July, 2004
My first ever experience of recording…


The last time Dan and I played together was eight years ago. EIGHT years ago! So much has changed since then – neither of us were Christians and yet, on our vastly differing journeys we have both found Jesus and landed at Kerith Community Church. To worship Jesus with Dan stood by my side was a serious privilege after all this time. He knows me in a different way to many people at church – he knows the me I used to be. We sat together in so many lessons throughout secondary school, played so many concerts together and even climbed Mount Kenya together in 2006 (you can actually see some pictures of Dan and I together on this post about Kenya). We have serious history. I found this wonderful amalgamation of our old lives and our new lives incredibly powerful today. There’s something moving to me about the idea that God knew – he knew during those early rehearsals with shocking equipment, ringing ears and absolutely no knowledge about what we were doing that eventually our paths would cross at a church and that today we would be leading worship together. What a phenomenal, powerful, almighty, glorious, awesome God we serve. Thank you, Lord, that we get to be a part of such a cool God story!


One thought on “Day 170: The Unlikely Reunion (Dan Boyles)

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