Day 173: How Far Is Too Far? The Censorship Discussion

It’s 14:04 as I start writing this. Having spent the best part of the last hour catching up on recorded rugby matches from the weekend, I turned back to standard television. The TV channel that had been playing before I started watching recorded programming happened to be playing an American show, ‘ER’. It’s about hospitals. Within less than five seconds of watching the show, one man stabbed another in the cheek with a pen; lots of blood, very visual. A few days ago at around the same time, someone quite graphically died on a similar show.

Am I wrong in thinking that this is a little bit too far for a 14:00 broadcast?

I’ve seen some of the goriest, bloodiest films ever created and whilst I haven’t been a huge fan of them, I can let it slide (in most cases) because it’s aimed at an 18+ audience. But how far is too far? My intention here is to start a discussion rather than a rant. If you read this, I’d really love to hear your thoughts – it only takes a second to comment below. Tell me what you think about the following questions:

– How far is too far in a daytime television show?

– What is our basis for judgement anyway?

– Why is it ok to censor some things and yet promote freedom of speech?


3 thoughts on “Day 173: How Far Is Too Far? The Censorship Discussion

  1. Good questions Dave. I guess with daytime television it’s not so much about censorship as protection for younger viewers and viewers who don’t want to be flicking around and suddenly see something like the images you mentioned. Where to draw the line on what is acceptable and what is not will be incredibly subjective but I will put my finger in the air and hazard a guess at a PG rating probably being where the line should be drawn.

    Anything higher than PG is left to post-9pm and anything PG or lower is ok pre-9pm as, after all, it could be argued that children should be supervised (at least to some degree) whilst watching tv. Who decides what PG is? – well that’s another problem.

    I reckon the digital age that we now live in will eventually see the end of the watershed as we know it. Instead, perhaps, each show will be given a rating and a parental code is set to block certain levels. This already exists in limited form but I imagine it could be rolled out across the board, even to adverts. It could be a good thing if used right.

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