Day 184: The Peach And The Coconut

It was great to hear our Senior Pastor, Simon Benham speak at Kerith Community Church again today. He’s been away for a good few weeks so hearing his unique style of preaching was very refreshing. Today’s blog post is about Simon’s first book – ‘The Peach and the Coconut’.

Over the last few years, Simon has been writing a book that talks about how we want to do community as a church, comparing two different types of communities. The first community – the ‘coconut’, is hard to get into and once you do, there is very little substance to it. The second – the ‘peach’, is easy to get into but has a hard core. Simon uses these pictures to describe how at Kerith we want to strive to be a ‘peachy’ community, where everyone is welcome, feeling total belonging but also unmovable in our beliefs. It’s a great modern-day analogy for a grace-filled church.

Why am I telling you this?

For a start, next week we’re about to kick fully into our series based on the book. It’s going to be fantastic! But more importantly, you can get a copy of the book for free simply by coming along to church next week. As far as offers go, that’s a pretty good one! Otherwise you can buy it on Amazon in a few weeks, but it won’t be free. This post is a recommendation to get yourself a copy. You won’t regret it! Remember we meet at Kerith Community Church, Bracknell and we meet at 09:00, 11:00 and 19:00. Hope to see you there next week!


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