Day 185: Revolution: Another Year Begins

The new academic year begins this week. In almost all ways imaginable, that has practically no impact on me. Apart from Revolution.

Many of my posts are about our youth worship team – simply because I’m so passionate about them. It’s not just about teaching young people how to play their instruments, it’s about the journey they take from the moment they begin Revolution to the time they are old enough to move on to the adult team. It’s actually just as much about what they do outside of rehearsals as in them. Last night as I was playing electric guitar for the 19:00 meeting, I looked up to the balcony and saw one of the guys utterly lost in worship. Minutes later, as the meeting finished I bumped into another member of the team who is just starting to understand and appreciate the ‘role model’ status he has and the privilege of being able to set a great example to those around him. Small things, but the sorts of things that tell me that these incredible young people are ‘getting it’. Getting what it’s all about. Understanding that leading worship is so much more than simply being in a band. These things stir my spirit, encourage me and inspire me. I’m so proud of them.

On Thursday, we’ll gather to rehearse again. It’s going to be a big year for Revolution. Next Sunday, they’ll lead the first of their monthly Sunday (19:00 meeting) worship slots before crashing into the packed LIFE term and leading worship at Konstruction Krew, our Kids Sunday group. If you can spare a second to pray for them, please do. These guys are influencing their age group in a big way and I genuinely could not be more excited to see what the 2012/13 year has in store for them. I can’t wait to see how it pans out!


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