Day 194: The iPhone 5 – Thoughts?

Having followed the Guardians live coverage of the unveiling of the iPhone 5, I’m not quite sure what to think. There were certainly no shockingly exciting innovations or updates that were completely new to the press at least – from the design to the dock and from 4g down to the number of apps on screen, it had pretty much all been predicted.

So the questions today are:

– Is the iPhone 5 really as good as it could possibly be?

– Was I simply expecting to be surprised in a world that doesn’t really ‘do’ surprised anymore? With a company the size of Apple, can we expect things to stay under wraps until release?

– What is the deciding factor for you that either sells it to you or puts you off it?


2 thoughts on “Day 194: The iPhone 5 – Thoughts?

  1. I’d say this is probably the first time Apple have released a phone that doesn’t push and expand on the market in some way – instead, they seem to be following everyone else in terms of spec and size. Yeah, the iPhone5 is slimmer, faster, and bigger than the previous one. But it seems all those things are keeping it at a par with the rest of the competition, rather than leading them with something innovative, which is a bit of a change.

    Maybe this is the cost of unanswered expectations – when you’re renowned for constantly pushing the envelope, anything that isn’t ground breaking and doesn’t seem to ‘re-invent the wheel’ will seem lack-luster and disappointing by previous comparisons. Or maybe Apple are just saving all their new toys for something else on the horizon?

  2. Slimmer, bigger screen, still crap at making phone calls. That’s what I got out of everything. I have a Samsung Galaxy sIII, and I have found it much better than the Iphone 4 in many ways. And the Iphone 5 doesn’t seems too different from the 4.

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