Day 195: Revolution – A Time To Be Thankful

Every now and then I look back at the first blog post I ever wrote (228 posts ago now!). Jan 18th 2010. I expressed some of my ambitions at the time, including one about our youth worship team, Revolution:


Revolution is the 11-16s worship band. The team has made some real steps forward in the last year. Thanks to the commitment and support of its members, we’re rapidly learning how to run a worship team for young teens, where the focus is more on learning to worship whilst improving musicianship rather than the high pressure that accompanies the responsibility of playing regularly. Once the Kerith Worship Academy grows, my vision for Revolution is that one day we have enough members to have multiple bands, perhaps practicing at multiple rooms at the same time. It would be so exciting if we had too many members for one band! Revolution are also the future of the Kerith Worship Team, so it would be great to look back in quite a few years time and see newer members of Ethos having been through both the Kerith Worship Academy and Revolution!”

Today, 44 people were at the Revolution rehearsal. It was staggering!

All of our electric guitarists have come through our Worship Academy initiative along with one of our drummers, a few vocalists and a keyboard player. Quite a few play or have played in the adult worship team and last Sunday they led worship fantastically at Kerith. For years, I’ve prayed that we would have 50 people attend a Revolution rehearsal and we are so, so close to reaching that number. As Ben Davies always said, we don’t want numbers for the sake of numbers – we want numbers because we want to see people’s lives impacted (both in and outside of the band).

It is such an immense privilege to be a part of a team that has grown from around 8 to 44 in four years and grown so drastically in spirit, ability and maturity. I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store for these guys.

Liam teaching at Revolution

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