Day 205: Lifeboats

My friend Liam Parker spoke this evening at church. As usual, his message was good but there was one thing that really gripped me.

He told us a story about how a friend had challenged him about his faith in Jesus and how, if we not only believed in Jesus but in Heaven and Hell too, we should be doing everything in our power to bring people closer to Him in so that they would live for eternity in Heaven. This wasn’t the crutch of Liam’s message but it was certainly the most impactful part for me.

Imagine you were on a sinking ship and you have two lifeboats to choose from. However, you know full well that one boat would take you safely to the shore and the other is doomed to sink. There’s plenty of space on the safe boat for everyone. Wouldn’t you do everything you could – anything you could possibly think of – just to ensure that no one ended up on the doomed boat as it sank? It wouldn’t matter to me whether I knew them or not. I certainly wouldn’t choose to keep that life-saving information a secret! I’d act with urgency and do whatever it takes in order to save their lives.

That hypothetical situation is a matter of life and death. But the reality is that we’re dealing with eternal life and eternal death – so why don’t we act with the same level of urgency?

I’m not saying that we stand on wooden boxes in the streets and preach fire and brimstone to people, but I think as Christians, it’s our duty to be honest and open about our faith, taking every appropriate opportunity to share our beliefs and with sensitivity and clarity. By sowing seeds like this, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that as many people meet with Jesus as possible.


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