Day 214: Creaticity (No, that isn’t a spelling mistake)

The Cottee residence. High Creaticity.

Somewhere in the distance a bird is singing, as if encouraging me; just loud enough to hear but quiet enough to soothe rather than distract. There is no sound in the house besides the rhythmic ticking of a clock reminding me that I am in fact still operating within the same time zone as the surrounding population. High creaticity.

You’re probably looking at that word and wondering whether or not I’m experiencing a lapse in my ability to spell, but I’m not. I’ve decided to manufacture a word (or rather, to splice pieces of other words together in more of a Frankenstein’s monster sort-of way) that relates to how creative I feel in a given environment. Only minutes ago in this current peaceful setting I started work on a new song…something of a novelty in this current creative drought that I am wandering through, highlighting the benefit of this high creaticity setting.

Perhaps like me, you spend your life charging onwards and upwards, forgetting to be static for anything more than a moment. Perhaps like me, you surround yourself with hustle and bustle, stress, strain and breathlessness. Perhaps like me, the environment in which the vast majority of your time is spent in a mess of conversation, noise, planning and administration – the much larger brothers of creativity who squeeze him out of the game until their needs have been fulfilled or they grow bored. I spend far too much of my time in those sorts of environments. These are low creaticity environments.

Recently, I’ve been running the risk of letting my creativity get stifled by the ‘need’ to complete mundane tasks that couldn’t possibly wait a while longer. When I spend so much time in low creaticity settings, my confidence drops along with my ability and ultimately, my creativity. I need peace. I need quiet. I need to be away from people in order to reach my potential. How am I only coming to these conclusions now? (It’s worth noting that I’m actually arriving at these conclusions in a high creaticity environment)

Where are you at your most creative? If you are the sort of creativist (I really did make that word up for no reason) who likes to scrawl on napkins in coffee shops and collaborate with others, the chances are that you will find high creaticity with people. If like me, you find yourself creatively incapacitated when other people are in the vicinity – you probably operate at a high creaticity in solitude.

Our collective challenge is not only to be aware of where we are the most creative, but also to ensure that we find time to spend in those environments.

This is certainly easier said than done but it’s an important challenge nonetheless. Good luck creatives!


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