Day 219: Craig Groeschel at Willow GLS 2012

Bridging The Generational Gap

We are here today because of the women and men that have gone before us and invested in us. There’s too much tension between generations when there should be value.

The older generation

Don’t resent, fear or judge the next generation. Believe in them because they need you. If you’re not dead, you’re not done!

Here’s how you can hand leadership to the next generation:

The key is in delegation. You do not just delegate tasks as you create followers. You delegate authority to create leaders.

Be yourself! Authenticity trumps cool every single time. Be yourself and the next generation will line up for miles to hear from you.

You can be a spiritual father to those who come behind you.

Psalm 71:18

The younger generation

You need those who have gone before you more than you can imagine.

A study was done where executives were asked about their young employees. What word describes their 20-something employees?

20-somethings answered ‘enthusiastic’, but the executives said ‘entitled’.

Back when I was a kid you actually had to WIN to get a trophy!!

Because you feel entitled, you typically overestimate what you can do in the short run. But you’ll almost always grossly underestimate what you can do in a lifetime of faithfulness.

Honour publicly results in influence privately.

This is a generation that often doesn’t show honour.

Mark 6:4-6

Somehow because of a lack of honour and lack of faith, Jesus was limited in what he could do.

One of the reasons we find it hard to honour people is because we find it hard to honour god properly. He is not the big man upstairs. He is not the 6.8ounce baby Jesus!!

Honour values. Dishonour devalues.
Honour builds. Dishonour destroys.

Respect is earned but honour is given.

Some people think that when you are honourable honour is given. But sometimes you need to show honour first.

If you ever want to be over, you need to learn to be under with integrity.

What this looks like in his organisation

For the generations to work together, it has to be intentional. It doesn’t just happen by accident. Leadership teams and churches naturally age. We must be very intentional about offering opportunities to learn together.

Create ongoing feedback loops with people older and younger than you. Create those intentional opportunities to get feedback. Think what it says for a senior leader to say ‘I value your opinion’ to a 23 year old.

Create specific mentoring moments. It’s one of the most important things you can do to develop strength in your organisation.

Ask questions like crazy to your mentor – don’t try to copy what they do. Learn how they think! where are my weak spots? Where am I not working well

Create opportunities for significant leadership development.


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