Day 220: A Weekend of Incredible Servants

I’m so proud of the worship team at Kerith Community Church this weekend.

Four distinct bands led worship for the duration of the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit on Friday and Saturday, Konstruction Krew (our 5-11s group) and our 9am, 11pm and 7pm meetings today.

Thirty-two musicians with a half century age range (isn’t that cool?!) used their gifts to play around twenty-five different songs to help people enter into God’s presence.

It’s such a privilege to be a part of such a servant-hearted, kingdom-minded team of passionate worshippers. Days like today truly reminds me of that. Even more humbling is the fact that this is just a small proportion of the volunteers that made the weekend happen. The car parkers, welcome teams, technical teams, kids workers, preachers, tea and coffee servers, receptionists and many other roles I can’t even think of right now gave their time (willingly, and for free!) in order to make what was essentially just another weekend happen.


And so, I highlight again that I’m exceptionally proud of our worship team. But what a tremendously immense¬†honour it is to be a part of this church. Today I couldn’t be much more grateful for it.


2 thoughts on “Day 220: A Weekend of Incredible Servants

  1. Thank you Dave for all the input you’ve had in Adam’s life, your encouragement and enthusiasm so he could take his place today serving with the other musicians. It meant so much to him and he loved being a part of things. You sharing your gifting has made a way for Adam to discover his.

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