Day 239: Revolutionary Youth Worship

I’ve just arrived home from another LIFE youth event. Revolution led worship…fantastically.

I’m conscious that such a vague statement doesn’t explain much, so below are a few of the reasons why tonight they warranted the description above:

The team were musically excellent.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing all of the instrumentalists grow in their gifting phenomenally. Jacob, one of our drummers has progressed from struggling to play a basic groove to taking a strong lead, communicating with other band mates and playing to an enormously high level. Every other instrumentalist in tonight’s team I’ve had the privilege of working with from scratch and have been able to witness their musical journey from the very beginning as enthusiastic 10 and 11 year olds (I remember seeing three of them in their year six production!). Tonight they were almost faultless in their musicianship.

The team unloaded equipment, set up and sound checked in 40 minutes.

Nobody likes lugging equipment back and forth from venue to venue. It’s the mundane, inglorious part of playing in a band and a particular logistic headache for me with a youth band. Obviously, many of them can’t drive so organising lifts as well as the transportation of equipment can be a little tricky. Not tonight. The guys in Revolution arrived promptly, set their equipment up quickly and acted incredibly professionally as they waited for our brilliant sound technician to ensure things sounded good. Let me remind you that the average age of the team was 15. They are 15 and already pros!!

The team didn’t complain, mumble or groan about any of the difficulties that they faced.

Whenever we do ‘on tour’ events, it is inevitable that something will go wrong. Tonight’s case in point – a forgotten drum stall, foldback problems (…in that there weren’t any foldbacks!) and issues with power supplies could have caused some serious problems. Remember, we’re dealing with hormonal teenagers here! However, I didn’t hear a single negative comment. The ‘can do’ attitude is astounding amongst these guys. In the end, we fixed all the vital problems and the team did exceptionally well, and without any stress. Amazing!

The team worshipped with passion.

Very few things frustrate me as much as seeing people lead worship without any real passion or enthusiasm. We are lifting our praise up to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords – the Saviour who died so that we could be set free from sin! It’s an incredible honour to be able to enter into the presence of God and something we should be ecstatic about. It was a joy today to see the band playing every song with authenticity and passion, truly meeting with God rather just going through the motions of playing a Christian song. It makes me extremely proud to see!

The team responded to what the Spirit was doing.

One thing that Revolution traditionally find difficult is breaking from the standard way of doing things. That’s due in no small part to the age and relative inexperience of the team. However, tonight it was so exciting to see the freedom that the guys had in worship, throwing in an unprepared song at a moment’s notice and following promptings from the Holy Spirit. This is pretty advanced stuff to do and to be doing it at this age is excellent!

I could list many other reasons, but I think this gives you a taster of the wonderful team I get to be a part of. These guys are far from perfect, but they are exceptional and I love them. They really did lead fantastically tonight. I can’t wait for the next time Revolution lead on the 4th November!



One thought on “Day 239: Revolutionary Youth Worship

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