Day 242: Blog/Website Overhaul

The Cottees, the family I live with have gone away for a few days so when I arrived home from a particularly long but exceptionally rewarding day at church, I very quickly found myself at a loss for things to do. For some reason, I decided I was going to have a look at the design of my blog and something happened. The few hours that followed are a bit of a blur, but before I knew it I’d hit 02:30am and had a totally new website!

As a follow up to one of my posts a few days ago, I’m exploring my own creativity – particularly in guitar tuition and composition (as you can see by the links above). What do you think of the new look website? If you like it, please do tell me so, it would mean a lot! If you hate it, please spend some time finding a way to tell me gently but do tell me! In the mean time, if you know of anyone who would potentially be interested in learning guitar or need some music composed for a project of theirs, feel free to mention me! My guitar lesson slots are filling up fast though, so you’ll have to be quick!

I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I do 🙂


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