244: Thorpe Parkings

Yesterday, a group of ten of us went to Thorpe Park


There’s no denying it. It’s an incredible theme park (amusement park for those of you on the other side of the ocean). In the last decade, the owners have invested in some world class rides and the fact that it’s only 40 minutes from my doorstep is a definite bonus. If I’m completely honest, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been there. Is that bad?

The thing about our trip yesterday is that the focus wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be. We were at the theme park for around ten hours; maybe ten minutes of that was actually enjoying the thrills and excitement of the rides on offer. The rest was spent in queue, after queue…after queue. In actual fact, going to a theme park is much more like locking a group of your friends in a room so you can get to know each other better! We went to spend the day queuing together and the rides were our breaks.

I find it very interesting.

Having said that, I had a really enjoyable day yesterday. It just wasn’t because of the rides. It was because of the people I was with. Isn’t it strange that we are willing to travel to places like this and pay extortionate amounts of money to stand around with our friends when we could do it for free at home?! The thing that made it worthwhile for me was my friend Arvy from Lithuania. He had never experienced a theme park of this magnitude before and was like a child in a sweet shop, which was fantastic to see. It’s funny the things we do for moments like that amongst friends isn’t it?


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