Day 249: Privileged To Teach

This week I started teaching guitar lessons privately again – I’ve missed it.

It’s been seven years since I taught my first guitar students; four since I started teaching some of the guys at Kerith Community Church. Teaching guitar has led me to friendships with some of the most incredible people and families that I know. I look to my friend Beth – one of my closest friends and an unbelievable guitar player too who I first started to get to know four years ago along with some other fantastic characters who are really inspiring, talented young musicians in their own right. That sense of excitement in seeing these guys play never dwindles.

I look at the Revolution guys yesterday who were outstanding once again. In the morning, one of the bands led kids worship with our first homegrown kids song whilst in the 7pm adult meeting, the other band led phenomenally. I feel nothing but pride for these young people that I’ve had the privilege to stand by and witness their incredible journey. A particular mention must go to Angharad Davies, our 12 year old keyboard player who rose to the challenge magnificently and with a wonderful spirit. Simply brilliant!

The more I get to do what I do, the more I realise that I’m passionate about seeing these young people grow in faith, integrity, leadership, ambition and ability. It doesn’t matter whether they play an instrument or not; it’s just another way for us to connect. As I start teaching guitar privately again, I just hope more of those relationships can be formed. It’s so exciting to be able to impact someone in a positive way. Long may it continue!


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