Day 253: A ‘Big Day’ Day

When I was about 14, I used to envy my friend Hudson’s busy schedule terribly. He’d be out every night doing this and that; more things than I could keep up with. My schedule was slightly different – rugby on Wednesday night, rugby on Sunday morning. Done. Almost a decade ago, I used to dream of having a busy schedule like his was. Four years into that dream coming true, I still mean it. I love it!

Today was the biggest of big days – a ‘big day’ day. Having already scrambled through a particularly hectic week, arriving at the end of it with such challenges was exhausting, but great fun. Tomorrow, the creative arts team are moving over to the Studio, the building in between the Kerith Centre and our youth and community building, K2. It will give us much more space to grow both numerically and creatively. It’s going to be fantastic! However, a huge amount of effort was required to get our old office into a moveable state. As well as preparing for this, I also had to finalise the master of our latest CD (more details in the next few days…can’t wait to show you!) and send it to be duplicated which was no small task – on their own, these two things would constitute a ‘big day’. But together, this really was a ‘big day’ day!

As I said before, I love it. I love being a part of a church that sets audacious challenges and has faith for big things! This is just the start of an epic journey towards Christmas and the end of 2012, with a few more ‘big day’ days ahead. I’m so excited!


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