Day 254: Running Man

I started my gym routine a few months ago now and I’m starting to get into the swing of things. As a bit of a change on Saturdays, I like to go outside into the ‘real world’ for a bit of a run.

There’s something you should know. I hate running. Running for nothing more than the sake of getting fit frustrates me immensely, but I simply don’t have the time to start playing rugby again and there aren’t really any other sports that take my fancy. One thing I do enjoy about running is that it’s particularly easy to measure your fitness with. You run a particular distance in a measurable time – either you improve, or you don’t. Simple.

Last week I ran my first 5k. I know what you’re thinking – it’s nothing to write home about. You’re right. I’ve got a long way to go before I’m running any serious distances but to be honest, I was proud to have hit that milestone. When I arrived home I recorded my time (which I’ll keep to myself to save the embarrassment). My aching legs had a feeble but noticeable spring in their step for the next few days until I spoke to Dave, my friend and landlord. In a casual, throwaway comment, it transpired that he’d obliterated my 5k time that day…and that was after cycling 35k! Imagine the disappointment!

On the one hand, it was disappointing but on the other, incredibly inspiring. His time was eight minutes faster than mine (let me just highlight that this was after a cycle that I couldn’t manage on its own!), so today I set off with a mission. I was going to attack Dave’s time. I pushed myself to breaking point and gave it everything I could…and I beat last week’s time by three minutes! Yes, I still have five minutes to catch up on (at least, given that I kind of need to compensate for the cycle), but Dave provided the incentive for me to smash my personal record.

I’m really grateful for the mentors, the pastors, the intellectuals, the businessmen, the musicians and the athletes in my life that provide the incentive for me to keep improving. I need these people around me to help me push myself further and harder than I think is possible in order to achieve the most that I possibly can. I want to spend a lifetime continually sharpening every facet of who I am. These people help me to do that. Thank you!


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