Day 257: A God-Sized Revolution

I have written many, many times about the youth worship team that I have the immense honour of leading. In fact, only a few months ago I wrote about a fantastic evening when 44 people attended a Revolution rehearsal. I have prayed fervently for the day that God would give us 50 people in the team for nearly four years now, so to get so close was incredible. Yesterday, as a few key leaders within the team gathered to plan the team’s future, we counted all of our members and realised that we had already passed that milestone, reaching 52 members in the team!

There are no words to adequately describe the sense of elation that I feel right now. I remember the first time Revolution led worship, then a team of 8, switching with an older team for two songs mid-way through the worship time before switching back. It had taken them 6 weeks to get to that point! I remember the sense of frustration I felt as I would leave rehearsals with a headache, wondering whether I wanted to spend my evening with these youngsters who didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I remember them leading worship at LIFE (our youth group) during the earlier days where 10 people used to worship and the other 70 would ignore them…but still the band chose to worship God. I was hugely proud of them for that. I remember an earlier time where a team of 50 was nothing but a pipe dream; a vision that was hardly visible – a hope, a prayer.

Forget about the number. The elation I feel is based on a wonderful God who takes audacious, outrageous dreams and makes them reality. A all-powerful God who chooses to meet with a group of young people in Bracknell. A God who stirs up hearts of worship amongst them and gives me a front row seat to marvel at his ability to work in their lives. I’m less than a pawn in God’s phenomenal master plan, but I’m so grateful that I get to play some small part in it.

This week, four years on and 50 people strong later – Revolution will be leading their first conference. They will be leading worship at ‘Advance’, a Kerith conference for leaders of children and they will do a fantastic job. I know that because I have had the opportunity over the years to see their genuine, Jesus-centred faith. God has turned a ridiculous dream that I had once into a reality. What an incredible God we serve!

I pray that You’ll continue to use us even more in the future!

2008 Rehearsal
Rocknations, 2009
Rehearsals, 2010
Some of the Tech Team, also part of Revolution, 2012
Revolution, Sunday PM, 2012
Me with some of the team and two other youth group members, 2012



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