Day 258: A Picture Of Growth


I love teaching. I love the responsibility and influence that comes with the opportunity to pass knowledge that you’ve gained onto someone else. It’s fantastic seeing musicians that I’ve dedicated hours of time training getting to a place where they flourish – it’s a privilege to have even the smallest of inputs. It’s so exciting.

But even more than that, what moves me the most is seeing pictures like the ones above. Nothing energises me as much as getting to walk alongside a selection of young people as they increase in their gifting, figure out who they are going to be and what is going to define them for years to come. I mention many of these guys all the time and that’s for a reason. I am immensely proud of them. I can still remember the first time I met each of these guys and to see how brilliant they are now as well as the impact they are having in our youth and watching them both literally and figuratively grow beyond me is in all honesty, quite overwhelming. If I were to stop doing what I’ve been doing for the last four years and pursue something entirely different, the time would not have been wasted. They are amazing!

Here’s to the next few years!


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