Day 261: The Humble Servant

Today Revolution led worship at ‘Advance’, a Kerith Community Church conference for leaders of children. They were exceptional, phenomenal, amazing – pretty much every encouraging word I can think of. They made me so incredibly proud that at times it was hard to stop my eyes welling up. Forget brimming with pride; I was overflowing with it! But I want to mention another member that exemplifies what our youth team is all about – Max.

Max and his twin brother Jack are both members of Revolution; the former is an electric guitarist, the latter a keyboard player. Max is one of three boys that I’ve been teaching for almost exactly the same amount of time and they’ve been on an almost identical journey together both as guitar students and members of Revolution. At fourteen, they are also all the same age. As I’m sure you can imagine, having three electric guitarists at the same ability when we only have two electric guitar slots in each band for a fantastic event like Advance is tricky territory. As fair and equal as we try and make it, one of the boys inevitably gets left out. Frankly, it’s hard. For Advance, Max was the one who had to miss out.

Did he sulk that he didn’t get to lead worship for the big event? No.

Did he decide that because he wasn’t playing for the event, he wouldn’t come? No.

Rather than getting frustrated about not being able to play, he instead simply chose to serve somewhere else. Max was at the conference to help in whatever way he could with such an inspiring humility. Not only that but he was absolutely brimming with pride about his team describing how ‘sick’ he thought they were in such a way only Max could. Not an ounce of bitterness. Not an ounce of jealousy. Character above gifting. I’m so grateful for guys like him and our fantastic team that did lead us so well from the platform. These young people have an outstanding journey ahead of them. I love that I get to watch it!


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