Day 262: The God-Hug Moment

I was volunteering in the 5-11s group at Kerith Community Church during the 09:00 meeting. With eyes heavy as sandbags accompanying the weekend’s exhausting exploits, I was as willing as ever but feeling severely incapacitated. After drawing a few shockingly poor dragons for people (last month it was castles, sensing a medieval theme in the drawing requests), Nicola began teaching about spiritual gifts. We then prayed for the children to experience them.

It’s the story of one girl and her dad that struck me most.

After we’d finished praying, we gathered into groups; my group was comprised of excitable, easily distractible five year-olds, so when I asked if any of them had heard from God, frankly I wasn’t expecting too much. One of the girls, however, had sensed something. She simply said ‘God hugged me.’ It was extremely powerful! When I told her dad, his joy was immediately evident in the tears that formed in his eyes and as the team gathered to pray for the following meeting, I could see him kneeling down in the autumn leaves with his daughter and the picture she had drawn to accompany what she’d seen.

Those are the sorts of moments that last a lifetime. The moments between a parent and child that make the importance of good children’s work at churches so clear. God can impact children in much the same way as he can an adult – I really hope I get to see more of that in the future.


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