Day 263: The Best Intentions

When I was 14, I was made captain of the school rugby team for the first time. I was a leader by title simply because as I played for a club, I knew the rules better than most of the players on our team – they were there simply for the joy of attempting to annihilate the other team with minimal cohesion and understanding. It was my first role as a leader and one of the first times I considered the importance of intentionality.

I knew practically nothing about leadership, but I knew I had to walk, talk and play by example. I’d make specific comments to certain players on our team to try and encourage or motivate them. I’d hit the tackles harder, run for longer and ensure my attitude was always right. Before that point, I don’t think I’d really considered the importance of influence in quite the same way; when I was assigned the captaincy I began to actively study the impact of my actions and realised that there was a huge amount to be gained by being purposeful. Since then, it’s been relatively slow progress.

Today I felt reminded of the need to be intentional in my actions. I hate the thought of wasting even a second of my life when I could be using it positively in some way. Whether I’m busy at work, building friendships or even taking time to rest, I want it to be deliberate in order to be the most effective that I can possibly be. I’m going to try hard to use my time effectively, carefully and intentionally this week. Since we’re never going to have more time, I thought I better make the use of the time I do have!


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