Day 266: From Here To There

Every now and then, you have one of those ‘big news’ sort of days. Today was a ‘big news’ day at our Revolution rehearsal.

We’re splitting the team from two set bands to three in January – an exciting but intimidating prospect. You see, when we announced that the team would be split into two bands the first time, there were tears. There was teenage angst. There was a period of about two months where it seemed like the bands just weren’t clicking with each other. It was a scary season, but once the storm past the team really stepped it up a gear in terms of their commitment, musicality and heart-felt worship. I can’t take the credit for that first decision (Helen Cottee should be praised for that idea), but it was definitely the right one. That’s why I’m so sure and so excited about this next step – although I was scared that the reaction would be the same.

At various Willow events over the last few years, Bill Hybels has talked about getting ‘from here to there’. He says that rather than trying to persuade people to simply go to where you want them to, you have to explain why you can’t possibly stay where you are. By doing this, people are much more willing to push forward. It’s a little nugget of leadership genius.

Simon, our Senior Pastor at Kerith Community Church used this idea brilliantly to talk to the staff team about both our recent and upcoming office moves. By highlighting the crippling problems with our current position, the team were much more open to positive change. Hearing the logic and thought process behind the decision also makes it decidedly easier to understand and even agree with. I thought I’d give it a go with Revolution…

…So far, so good. No one has cried, no one has sulked and no one has complained. Everyone seems genuinely excited for the next phase and even happy with their bands (emphasis on so far!). Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill Hybels for that leadership insight! I’m deeply grateful for that bit of wisdom! Bring on three bands!


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