Day 270: Jeaneology

Who invented jeans anyway?

I mean, who stumbled upon the idea that they could possibly be a good idea?! I’ll be honest – I don’t care enough to research it but to the anonymous denim king or queen…I commend you.

It’s fair to say that I rely pretty heavily on my jeans. At most, I will own two pairs at one time (at a push…in fact I think that’s only happened once) and I will wear them excessively…which is all well and good, provided it’s the right pair. But my current pair suck. So much so, evidently, that I felt the need to write something publicly about it. Where to begin – too baggy around the leg, doesn’t fit properly around my waist and if you’re beginning to think I’ve just bought a pair from the nearest ‘little n’ large’ shop, you’d be wrong. I even hate the rolled up, turny-uppy type deals at the bottom. All in all, not a good fit.

I notice this. When it’s raining and the aforementioned turny-uppy deals are getting wet, I feel frustrated. When I’m power-walking into town for a speedy lunch and my waistline is losing the jean-style tug of war with my ankles, I feel the irritation of having to step in and offer assistance. I hate that precarious ‘could lose my dignity at any moment’ feeling. I don’t much care for the way clothes make me look to others, but I care an awful lot if they are distracting me from general life. Ok, I do feel a little self conscious too. Definitely not a good fit.

Well, Christmas is approaching and today my fantastically, wonderfully, exceptionally kind mother offered to buy me a new, slightly less infuriating pair of jeans as my present. It didn’t take much persuasion for me to agree. Having tried on around eight pairs of jeans, I finally found the right pair and from Christmas, my jean-based woes will be over for the next few years. It’s going to be a glorious moment!

It’s amazing the difference I feel when wearing a pair of jeans that fit me. I feel less self-conscious, more comfortable and I find it much easier just to ‘be’. Is it just me, or is it the same with our characters? We can spend what seems like eternity trying to find the right ‘fit’, but when we do, we know. Instantly. I remember (don’t laugh) assuming the ‘hard kid’ role during early secondary school years because my twin brother and I had grown much earlier than most others and well…I was a rugby player and he was a kickboxer at the time. People didn’t really mess with us. For a while, I tried this trait on but something just didn’t fit. I didn’t like the idea of people being intimidated by me. It just wasn’t me. I tried a few different things that just didn’t work for me either – getting drunk, clubbing, cheating, lying. It was a fit for lots of my friends, so surely it would suit me too? It really didn’t. Then when I became a Christian in 2008 that was it. I knew I’d found something that I would be comfortable in and wouldn’t want to change out of. I feel less self-conscious, more comfortable and I find it much easier just to ‘be’.

If you haven’t found your perfect fit yet – I really want to encourage you not to stop looking. Don’t settle for something that is uncomfortable and distracting – there’s far too much to see and do in life without worrying about whether you’re comfortable or not as you are!


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