Day 275: England…The Giant Slayers





…Just some of the words I could use to describe the England international rugby team’s breathtaking performance against New Zealand, a group of players soaring high above their competitors in the world rankings and whose majestic talents had left them unbeaten in 20 games. These All-Black giants were toppled by the outsider – our English knights in white. The final score? 38-21. Simply incredible.

England are in every way worthy of their praise today. I haven’t seen an England performance like this since the World Cup final in 2003 – but it’s not the tries or the scoreline that leave me bouncing off the walls. It’s the manner in which they won. The team were so full of heart! You could tell that every player threw everything they had into today’s match. You could tell that they weren’t prepared to give up or lie down. Every minute out of the 80 was a battle and we would not be shaken. The team that had done so well in the last eleven months at getting things right off the field proved emphatically that they are also capable of transferring that attitude into the game. It’s so inspiring!

I want any team that I’m a part of to share that courageous spirit – one that doesn’t give up or back down, one that doesn’t accept criticism as any more than motivation to improve. I want to be a part of a team that can defy the odds and leave people amazed and inspired. Today, it gives me an overwhelming sense of pride to be able to say that I want to be like the England rugby team! Fantastic!


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