Day 281: Yesterday, Today, Forever (Chapel LIFE)

About a year ago our Youth Pastor, Liam Parker, had the fantastic idea of meeting in the traditional church literally across the road from us so that people could experience a more reflective Christmas meeting; a meeting where the flashing lights, the jumping around, the media and the games are stripped back leaving nothing but some space to draw near to God. Unfortunately, that fantastic idea came a little bit too late to plan at the time, so we deferred it to 2012 and after a year of waiting, tonight was that night. We called it ‘Chapel LIFE’.


We drew huge influence in Revolution from the style of the ‘Hillsong Chapel’ albums and it was obvious from the moment that the band started playing that it was going to be a powerful evening. I’ve never, ever experienced the presence of God so clearly while Revolution led – it was an amazing experience. There was something I felt God put on my heart though that I shared during the evening but feel the need to share here too:

Hebrews 13:8 says:

‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’

During this year with both Revolution and the adult team, I’ve had the privilege of worshipping God in a whole host of different places. From the ‘church on the mountain’ in Whistler, Canada to a small but thriving church in a town called Korce in Albania, from barns in France to silently worshipping God in the Sistine Chapel. In each place, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. I’ve been free to worship Jesus with others in the middle of a field and in small groups; worship album recordings in London and conferences in Bracknell. In each place, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Whether in the Kerith Centre, a building that is only a few decades old or in Holy Trinity Bracknell, a building more than a few centuries old, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Jesus doesn’t change depending on circumstance. He doesn’t change depending on location. He was the same at the beginning of time as he will be at its end; the same during his brutal crucifixion as he is today, beside you, for you, with you.

He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Author and Sustainer of Life, Comforter, Healer, Provider, Saviour. He never changes. The depths of his grace and mercy remain unfathomable; the magnitude of his sacrifice as he stepped away from a perfect relationship with the Father in order to free us from the chains of our own iniquities and make us holy again remain incomprehensible. I’m so grateful that I get to serve this incredible Saviour!


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