Day 292: Christmas Is Coming!



We’re getting very close to Christmas now, so I have to give you some information about the cool stuff going on next week! Apologies for the small image, it’s the biggest I could find at this time!

On the 23rd December, we’re going to be hosting three carol services; one at 10am, one at 16:00 and one at 19:00. We’ll be playing the arrangements of carols that you might have heard on the free CD we gave out last week (have a listen at Having just arrived home from one of our last rehearsals, I can tell you that it’s going to be a lot of fun!

On Christmas Eve there are two meetings (15:00 and 17:00) focussed around the nativity. Hordes of fantastic volunteers have been working on this since the summer and it promises to be something special and certainly not to be missed!

10:00 on Christmas Day at Kerith is one of the best places you could possibly choose to be. Celebrate the birth of Jesus by spending an hour fixing your eyes on Him, swapping presents with friends and enjoy being part of a wonderful community of people.

I really hope you can be a part of the next few days – I’m so excited for it!


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