Day 294: Plugged In…


Much of my life is lived through my Macbook. CD recordings, emails, band rotas, chord chart and music notation, photo editing, video editing, game playing, writing, socialising, listening to music and watching TV are just some of the uses that I get from this little block of aluminium. If I had to choose between this and my phone, there would be no contest. Imagine my shock when I woke up this morning to discover that the power supply for my Macbook had burned itself out of operation. Literally. A small part of it was black!

Suddenly, my ever faithful lifeline was on a timer and being used up fast. As ever, emails flooded in and intelligently I chose to read them on my still chargeable phone, which was great…until I had to action some of them. As power seeped from my laptop like dirty rainwater from a rusty old bucket, I found that its ability to do what I required decrease. Inevitably, it eventually consumed all the power it had stored and without reconnecting with the main source of power, it ceased to function completely.

It reminded me of my relationship with God. Too often I continue on a relationship that I’ve stored up and like a laptop without a charger, sooner or later the strength of that relationship begins to dwindle. I don’t know why I’m like this when unlike the power supply this morning, my God never burns out, never gives up and never goes out of range. I can plug into God wherever I am, whenever I want to, whatever happens. I’d much rather be a permanently fully charged Christian than wait until my relationship with God shuts down before charging again. Time to get plugged in…


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