Day 295: The Christmas Setup

With all the experimentation and fun we’ve had working on the carols for our Christmas weekend, I couldn’t help but share the setup I’ve had the privilege of using. It’s by far the most adventurous I’ve used to date but I’m really pleased with how it’s sounding:


My current setup at a glance…


My pedal board (from top right):

Holy Grail Nano

Line 6 Echo Park

Electro Harmonix POG 2

(spare Boss TU-2)

TC Electronic Nova Delay

Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive/Distortion

Zvex Box of Rock

Ibanez TS9dx

Boss DD-7 with external tap tempo

Boss TU-3

Keeley Compressor 4 Knob

Fender Volume Pedal

Bright Onion Looper

Logidy Midi Controller (for controlling my Macbook)

Pedal Train Pro, George L Cables (mainly) and Gigrig power supply (with super Nova)


A banjo, Fender Pawnshop ’72 and a Taylor acoustic (I can’t remember exactly which model it is…forgot to check!)


A Vox AC15 and a Tascam US-144 audio interface for my laptop.


15 Inch MacBook Pro running Mainstage to control backing tracks/clicks through in-ear monitors.

So much accumulated tech geekery. I love it!


One thought on “Day 295: The Christmas Setup

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