Day 303: 2012 in Review – January to April

As you know, we’re marching ever closer to 2013, but I didn’t want to move forward without first looking back. The next few days will be dedicated to some of my favourite moments of 2012. It’s been an epic year! I’m going to tackle it in three sections:

January to April

May to August

September to December

January to April



2012 began very differently to any other year for me. Thanks to the extraordinary kindness of Howard and Elizabeth Reece-Smith, I had the opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding in Whistler, Canada. I’ve done both before but never in such a beautiful location and never with such hugely inspirational company. 2012 could be marked by my many opportunities this year to spend time with and learn from some outstandingly wise and audacious people – Howard Reece-Smith, Ben Davies and Michael Ross-Watson in particular…all with a seemingly endless wealth of experience that for some reason, they have been happy to share with me. The ski trip was a one in a life time experience that certainly kicked off the year in style!




This picture is from one of our Worship Academy lessons in February/March time. By the end of the year, Worship Academy is experiencing a sort of ‘transitional’ phase where we figure our the most effective way to run the courses, but it was in full flow at the beginning of 2012..and we have really seen the benefits. The week in, week out slog of technical musicianship and theological input has made such an impact that I have to say this – it’s revolutionised Revolution. The youth band is really starting to flourish, and I couldn’t be anymore proud of the guys that took part in the training course. They are all fantastic!



Here’s the exceptionally talented Matt Price with our equally talented 2011/12 academy students, Beth, Marija and Kristina. So much of the early part of 2012 was spent with these guys that it would be impossible not to mention them. Unfortunately for us, Kristina is back in Lithuania now but I had a fantastic year working with these guys. They are amazing!



One of my favourite days of the year was a ‘spontaneous day’ in March where a few of us hired a boat. I actually blogged about it; you can read that by clicking here. I’ve never had a group of friends so loyal, trustworthy, dependable and downright fantastic as I have in 2012. This day in March is just one of many that reminds me of the brilliant friends that I have around me now; a group of people that I get to thoroughly enjoy myself and go on adventures with without fear of being judged or criticised. Life is too short for that. These guys represent just a few of a list of people I’ve been so grateful for this year.

I can’t mention the early part of 2012 without mentioning a less happy moment. The beginning of the year saw my mum and step-dad split after ten years or so of marriage. I struggled for a a few months with the instability of the situation but as 2012 draws to a close, I personally have better relationships with both of them than ever before. It’s amazing how you never know what’s just around the corner really. Overall though, it was a great start to the year!


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