Day 304: 2012 in Review – May to August



Elbasan, Albania (April)

IMG_1844The Colosseum, Rome (April)


Albania youth camp (July)

During the middle part of 2012 I got to spend some time in Albania and a very brief trip (a day and a half in fact) in Rome which was a lot of fun. Travelling is definitely up there as one of my passions so any opportunity to get in a plane is one I’m not likely to turn down!



Jon and Hannah’s wedding

Two of my favourite people got married in July – it was fantastic! Not just because the wedding itself was phenomenal…which is was. Rather, it was a real privilege for me because I got to play a part in this wonderful couple meeting. It’s one of those stories I’ll be likely be telling for the rest of my life, I’m so proud of these guys and extraordinarily happy for them! Read more about them in a previous blog post here (part 1 , part 2 , part 3).


Revolution really seemed to find their feet during the middle part of 2012. It culminated in ‘Ignite’, a youth event in an incredible marquee. It’s so much fun to lead an amazing group of young people in such a passionate, energetic youth worship team. They’ve gone from strength to strength as the year progressed!


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