Day 305: 2012 in Review – September to December



Much of the latter stages of 2012 was spent living with the Cottee family. I’d never lived away from home before and although admittedly only a small step beyond living with my family, it was fantastic. Will and Meg (pictured above) are brilliant kids and it was a great spending time with them – in fact, the saddest thing about moving back home just before Christmas is the prospect of not hanging out with them, stifling my amusement as Will tries valiantly to tell me what’s what and listening to Meg’s pure randomness. She is by far the funniest four-year old I’ve ever met!



Emmanuel Cover


September to December was also a busy, busy season as far as my job was concerned. Two conferences, two CDs, a move to the Studio, splitting Revolution into three bands and some other fairly large events took up an inordinate amount of my time, especially in the final few weeks before Christmas. It was a fantastic experience – I have the privilege of working with some exceptional people and whilst our musical output will never contend with the ‘big boys’ due to financial constraints, I’m ecstatic with what we achieved! All we can give is our best in order to honour God…and if we do that, I’m happy. Particular lowlight was on one of the final days of recording for the ‘Emmanuel (God With Us)’ CD where I got a migraine and ended up being pretty violently ill for the afternoon before having to carry on recording until the early hours of the morning. Not great. Special mention to James Hosker for marching on without me!



This pretty vague picture represents the Studio. This part of the year also saw the creative team’s dreams fulfilled as we moved into the Studio. I remember a conversation with Colin Boyle a few years ago where we laughed about how brilliant it would be to have the creative arts team working there, but it was no more than a pipe dream. We are unbelievably blessed to have this space for the creative arts team – there is no other way to say it. It made a fantastic difference for the recording of both CDs and we can only imagine what it will be like when we begin to use it to it’s full potential next year. Exciting stuff!

Now to celebrate the New Year!! Resolution time tomorrow…



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