Day 307: Honoured

Yesterday, I told you my New Year’s resolutions. Today, I’m overwhelmed with excitement!

It seems that other people are interested in taking part in the #IHonourYou challenge. Today, my Twitter feed was inundated with various encouragements and kind words being tweeted over others! So much so, that if you look to the top right of the menu above, you’ll see I’ve added a link to a Tagboard collection of ever #IHonourYou that is posted…not just by me, but by anyone. When the dust of the New Years celebration settles, I’m still going to be honouring people. If this honour revolution turns out to be a novelty for many, I want to be one of the few that intends to stick at it. Besides, even if this is a novelty, there is no credibility lost in the words spoken. I love that.

The biggest frustration at the moment is that there are far too many people to honour and too much of a temptation to tweet them all at once. I’m not going to though – I’m in this for the long haul. I genuinely believe we can change the world by creating a place where honour is instinct, not novelty. I’m so, so excited!


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