Day 310: Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship: Conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing.’

I have been playing inordinate amounts of FIFA 13 since Christmas. There’s something about this football game that has me hooked – I don’t even like real life football! It’s such an easy game to play with more than one person and can generate some great competition too! Good fun all round. I have a bit of a confession – I’ve played over 80 games of FIFA since Christmas morning – that’s a pretty shocking statistic isn’t it! That’s mostly down to the fact I’ve deliberately done nothing and partly down to the fact I have no life! I’ve played a lot of games online against other people around the world and I’ve noticed something missing:



The amount of people quitting games early that they are taking a heavy beating in is ridiculous. The amount of foul play, boastfulness and stall tactics to try and cause as many problems in the game as possible is shocking! In all honesty, when I look at the real life sport and see the way that professional footballers treat the referee and each other I’m not quite so surprised. As frustrated as it makes me, I’m determined not to be like that. Sportsmanship is another form of honour and I’m determined to be honourable. Here’s what I pledge to do and hope you do the same!

Showing honour in sports

  • Never, ever, ever give up. Regardless of the score, or the outcome.
  • Never boast.
  • Never rise to negative comments or remarks. (A recent message I got said ‘How did you not win?! You’re rubbish!’ I wanted to tear into him! Instead I said ‘Yeah, you’re probably right! Good game though.” I had to choose to be gracious!
  • Never use foul play.
  • At any opportunity, speak well of the opponent. Or if you can’t do that, let your abilities do the talking, not your mouth!

Let’s send ripples of honour out from us in everything we do. If I ever break any of these rules, feel free to come down of me hard!




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