Day 317: Sunday Servants

Today was a bit of a blur to be honest. It certainly didn’t feel much like a day off! Having spent the morning teaching, I then headed to a secret location to help record February’s ‘Reveal’, Kerith Community Church’s weekly notice video. Initially, I felt a little disgruntled at the thought of my Saturday slowly ebbing away, until I thought a little bit more about what I was doing this for. I thought I’d talk you through my thought process:

Directed by the talented and incredibly fun to work with Jonathan Horne, five of us spent nearly six hours filming the month’s notices. If you add in the time spent beforehand scripting and planning as well as the countless hours afterwards editing the footage and audio, it made me realise that we put an awful lot of time into a video that lasts around three to four minutes each week! But it’s not just that…

Musicians and tech team spend up to four weeks rehearsing for a regular Sunday; preachers spend hours crafting messages; car parkers, welcome team, graphic designers, drama teams, pastoral teams, deaf signers, kids teams (including youth worship teams) and our youth team all volunteer their time in order to make Sundays as excellent an experience as physically possible. Have you ever really stopped to think about how many people make a Sunday happen?? It’s staggering! But it’s still not just that…

It’s why they do it. Why did we spend six hours recording footage for Reveal to the highest standard we possibly could? Why do the teams prepare for so long, volunteer so much or their time and give up days off in the name of excellence? Because it’s not actually in the name of excellence. It’s in the name of Jesus.

This is the house of God. The Bride of Christ. The local church; the hope of the world. It’s where the lost are found. It’s where we meet with our Creator. It’s where we draw near to God. He is worthy of our excellence…although I always feel that that word is unworthy of the King of Kings. He deserves our best, because frankly, we don’t deserve his unfathomable love. We truly believe the quote that ‘excellence honours God and inspires people’. Everyone in the world should be aware that the church is a creative, exciting place to be. A place that doesn’t settle for average when God deserves our best. A place that uses high standards in everything we do not to draw attention to the abilities of men but to lower any barriers that could distract someone from an encounter with the living God.

I never want to get to the point where I stop volunteering my time for the church. It’s a hard line sometimes when you get paid to work full-time for the church, but if so many incredible volunteers can make the time in their busy schedules to glorify God by volunteering, I certainly can too!


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