Day 320: Time – My Precious

Now we’re far enough into the new year to have well and truly blown off the cobwebs and gather some momentum, I find myself watching the clock with renewed fervour. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

My world hasn’t rocked from its axis yet, but it’s certainly causing it some discomfort. My day to day job combined with teaching ‘out-of-hours’ guitar lessons, ever-intensifying degree study and some crazy idea to do a daily blog post is causing me to guard my time; my precious, precious time…a bit like this guy:


I know, I know, I won’t know what’s hit me until I’ve had kids. I hear it all the time and I know, you’re probably right. I know that my precious, precious time is a commodity that will only increase in value until the retirement slump somewhere in the distance but I’m still working on managing it more efficiently. My reward for good time management is a quick spell on FIFA 13…yes, my life has come to that. I’ve found myself listening to podcasts in the bath in order to learn and relax at the same time – although I’m not entirely sure the two work together so well in my world! I’ve also found myself using driving time to make phone calls (rest assured, it’s hands free!) and writing blog posts while my dinner is cooking…but what I value more than anything is the realisation of what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

God has given us all this time to use and has given us total freedom to choose how we steward it. What a privilege! At the moment I feel like I’m desperately plate spinning but I have an immense comfort in knowing that I am giving God the best of me in this season. I have so, so much more to learn about managing my time effectively and I know that I will probably never have as much time on my hands as I do now, but it’s ok. I’m on the adventure that God has called me to, so I’m quite content to muddle on!



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