Day 321: The Connection Confession

It’s scary how much my world depends on a decent internet connection. Like, really scary.

Having simultaneously ground to a halt at both work and home, I’m certainly feeling the strain. Emails, documents, to-do lists, course content, music, videos, social networking, online gaming and even this blog post have been crippled by the painfully slow connection. I’m lost without it in both my work life and home life!

The thing is, I know so many people in my world who, like me, would be utterly lost without a broadband connection and a link to virtual world. Luckily for me, the trickle of connection I do have (currently resting at a ridiculous 1.8 kbs/s) is enough for me to copy and paste this post to the internet from a Microsoft Word document and fulfil my day’s challenge. It would be painful to do it any other way. The thing is though, would I be this lost without connecting Jesus for a day?

Sadly, that answer is probably a no. Luckily, the Holy Spirit is always with me, no matter what I do or how I feel, but to my shame, I don’t feel the same sense of desperation or loss when I don’t connect with my God as I do when I can’t connect to the internet. It’s a bit of a confession.

I need God in my life, but I want to need Him more. I want to actively seek him in every situation; depending not on my own strength but on His. I want my decisions and my plans to be based on His will and not my will. I want to feel as inconvenienced, lost and troubled without God for a day as I do without the internet. That’s my challenge for the moment.


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