Day 322: Team Prayer

At Kerith Community Church, our series on prayer is now in full swing. It’s called ‘Keep in Touch’, and you can follow the blog here. As part of the this, we’ve focussed on 40 days of prayer to ensure that we start the year fully devoted to God and His plans for us. Last night was the second of our weekly prayer meetings throughout the series and for me, it was quite special.

Simon spent the hour leading us through the Lord’s prayer, paying particular focus to each line and praying into it. In a packed auditorium (which in itself, was such a joy to see), we prayed fervently to God. At one point, I sat on the floor with my head in my hands to give me that sense of quietness and solitude with God – we were praying for the teams that we were a part of and I’d started praying for Revolution. I don’t need to tell you how passionate and proud I am of those guys. As a result, praying for them is quite an easy task. After a little while, I started praying about our togetherness as a team. For me, it’s vitally important that we are strong as a team and I have the privilege of leading a youth worship team that thoroughly gets that. The sense of ‘one family’ in Revolution is phenomenal. But I was praying for more. I prayed that it would increase, that God would unite us and strengthen our sense of togetherness more than we could possible imagine. As I finished praying, I lifted my head from my hands; from my private little conversation with God and intended to join with the rest of the community. There were four people stood around me, still praying:





These guys. I know four young guys who are so passionate about prayer that they want to join with a group of adults on a Wednesday night to connect with God. Angharad, the youngest, is only twelve. How amazing is that?! I love that these guys are part of Revolution too – the very people I was praying for to be united as a team, together, praying, lifting their voices to God. It’s so exciting what God is doing through our young people at Kerith Community Church, and for anyone that says that the kids don’t ‘get’ it (believe, I’ve heard that a surprising number of times), just take a look at these guys. Plus the 45 other members of Revolution. Plus the rest of the youth group, of which these guys are only a small number. The youth have got it going on! It’s so exciting!


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