Day 324: Invisibility by Excellence

This is one of the most epic moments I've experienced at Kerith Community Church. Looking back at this picture from REAL 2012, our conference for women, it shows me why we spend hours practising. It shows me why we invest money in sound, lighting and technology. It shows me why that stuff matters. The clue is in the hands.

We do those things because they help people to connect with God; to draw near to him. The lights, the music, the media and the messages all point directly to him. It's counterintuitive when you think about it – as a team we focus more on standards so the congregation can focus less on us. We raise the quality of what we do in order to lower the barriers between our community and God. The last thing we'd want is to be responsible for distracting people from the power of the Holy Spirit with a stray note or an awkward silence, a shoddy ending or by playing a song so quickly it becomes unsingable. Seeing so many hands raised to God with the band barely visible is something I really, really like to see. It's just not about the band in any way. I really hope that as we improve, our presence on the stage becomes less noticeable. Invisibility by excellence. That's my goal.



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