Day 327: A Very Small Visitor

This morning was a little bit different in the Studio. Beccy, our communications team leader had a bit of a poorly three year old who had to join her mum for a little bit while she sorted her team for the week. After about ten minutes of shyness, I managed to persuade Megan to come to life with my desperate final offering…some post-it notes. Suddenly, I wasn’t so scary after all:


After a little bit of drawing and the failsafe that is ‘Cbeebies’, Megan had decided I was allowed to be her friend. I love the shameless, untamed emotions of toddlers. Everything is either a fun game or the end of the world and very rarely in between. It’s so much fun for me! I could honestly say that, had I not learnt to play an instrument, I would probably spend every Sunday helping out the threes and fours team at church. In the summer, I’m volunteering at a conference called ‘New Wine’ in the children’s team and I really can’t wait! I just wish I had more time to do it at the moment.

Today’s very small visitor has reminded me not to ‘put all my eggs into one basket’. I love working with small children and just because I’m generally the ‘music guy’ doesn’t mean I have to stop completely. It’s such a privilege to be able to have some small influence on the lives of others whatever the age. I’m rambling now, but the point is, this made my day!

(Disclaimer: I’d just like to highlight that I do have permission from Megan’s parents to use this photo!)


2 thoughts on “Day 327: A Very Small Visitor

  1. Derek and I worked with the 3s and 4s doing worship and puppets and skits, back when Adam was that age. As they grew and we saw them getting baptised and growing into the young men and women of God they have become it has been so amazing!

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