Day 331: On Purpose

I’ve now hit my latest Open University module with full force, meaning that much of my free time has been swallowed up by study sessions. This current module, named ‘Business Organisations and their Environments, is still in its early stages, but one of the things that gripped me was a discussion about ‘human activity systems’ and purpose. In order to keep this post as concise as possible, we’ll ignore the human activity systems part and skip straight to purpose – take a look at this quote directly from the module’s website:

‘In general and perhaps except in the most challenging times, your purpose will remain the same from day to day to guide your everyday choices (although your purpose might evolve into new or more defined forms over time). This is true for business organisations as well as people, and it is for that reason that I am particularly interested in purpose. A person’s or organisation’s purpose is a compass that gives them consistent direction even when their external circumstances are subject to change.’ – The Open University

I love that idea of purpose being a compass that gives consistent direction regardless of changing external circumstances. This is an objective look at the world of business and leadership, but isn’t this true of our faith? Our relationship with our Creator; our love for Jesus – it’s the compass in our lives that guides us, that consistently points us in the right direction no matter what…indeed, especially when external circumstances are changes. I was asked to complete an activity in which I defined my purpose. Interesting.

My purpose is to worship God. To honour him, to obey him, to glorify him, to love him. It will remain the same from day to day and it will certainly guide my everyday choices, and that purpose may become more defined as time goes on. Even in the most challenges times, I know that my God is with me – I will not be afraid or discouraged; I will seek only to fulfil this purpose. At least, I’ll give all that I am to it!


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