Day 332: Investment Cycles

Still, I hear people say that younger generations are diminishing in the church as a whole. Tonight, apart from Simon who came up briefly to bring the meeting to a close, the oldest person on the platform was 24. The collective average of everyone who stepped foot on the stage (apart from Simon) for our evening meeting was 20; the oldest instrumentalist was 16. There was more people aged 14 than any other age that led from the front. Incredible numbers.

What makes those numbers all the more significant is that we are not a youth church. We are a church of all ages that just happens to have a thriving youth group. What makes it more significant still are the older leaders that aided those people with tech support, planning meetings and encouragement, enabling these younger guys to flourish from behind the scenes. It’s pretty cool!

Our young people are exceptional. Like, seriously exceptional. That makes me so proud – but I’m even more proud of the fact that they are only doing the things they are doing because of the support of a generation that has gone before…and in most cases, are still doing unbelievable things for Jesus! It never ceases to amaze me. I adore being a part of a church like this.

There is one thought that tops this whole evening off though – and that’s the fact that another one of our Revolution bands were leading Kid’s worship this morning. This band, with an average age of 15 (including two 12 year-olds) were leading worship to children between 5 and 11. They are investing in the generations that follow so closely behind them, in much the same way that adults are investing into them. This is truly a cycle, and I could not be more proud to be a part of it. It’s an absolute joy to witness. I love my church!


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