Day 333: Tool or Idol?

A week or two ago I mentioned how difficult I found life without the Internet. Shamefully difficult in fact. Well, today I handed in my laptop to be fixed. I really do depend on it far too much!

My laptop's current uses (that I can think of) are the following:

Listening to music, recording music, transcribing music, composing music, performing music, making videos, watching videos (tv and movies), emailing, video calling, social networking, planning, studying, organising photos, graphic design, budgeting, reading, online banking, playing games, blogging, shopping, research…

That's all I can think of right now, but I know that it's not all that I use it for. It's a scary thought, but there are very few aspects of my life that I don't use the laptop in some way to aid it. I have the privilege of being able to use an iPad, but I have no idea how I'd cope without my laptop for a significant period of time. That's hideous!

I confessed in my post about the Internet my disappointment at feeling more affected by the absence of the World Wide Web than by the absence of Jesus in my day to day life. Since then, I've really sought to change that and I've really benefitted from focussing on spending time with God. However, with the loss of my laptop, I've started to ask a slightly different question:

Has my laptop become my idol?

Don't get me wrong, my laptop helps me to do my job; it helps me to learn and grow. But is there a line that I've crossed? Am I so hopelessly besotted with this little piece of technology that I'm pushing myself further away from that place of peace and solitude with God and closer to the heart of an information invasion that is bent on taking my focus from Him and onto, quite frankly, anything else. Or is this simply the inevitable, inexorable march of the Information Age – the hammer of the post-modern generation?

I don't have an answer to that question. All I can say is that I'm passionate about ensuring Jesus is truly at the centre of it all. However that happens is open to debate!



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